With Custom Design & Illustration, prices will vary, depending on the complexity of the images. Other components that change prices are the number of pieces involved, and the quality of the paper. 

These are present general prices; A phone call: 978.533.9039, or an email: vrenright@gmail.com, would help me to hear your particular needs, and give you a better estimate/proposal.

Design/Illustration: $500. and up. (For something very small, the price can go lower, or more complex, higher.)

Layout: $200. and up, depending on complexity

There can be additional costs: $40. for physical proofs, for example. 

Printing: Three piece suite, 100 sets: $200., and up, depending on paper quality


Again, prices can vary plenty depending on 1. number of pieces in the invitation, 2. amount of invitation sets, 3. quality of paper. Prices can go up AND down!

Signs, Mirror Calligraphy and general calligraphy, please email or give me a call! 

I will always send a proposal with prices described.



As for something about me, I've been a perfectionist in some ways all my life, but I'm trying to loosen up, while keeping my total heart in creating any art: illustration or graphic design or even calligraphic work. I love it when my clients say, "I love it!" That is music to my ears!

OK, I know I'm not supposed to talk about this when it comes to business, but I have a strong faith in God; I start my projects with prayer, and I believe God honors our prayers! Prayers give so much HOPE, and hope gives me happiness!

My family consists of my husband Tim, who I met at a summer camp in Maryland when I was 14 years old! We have two almost grown sons whom we love, and we will always have dogs in our lives; right now, it's Duke! -Black lab male; my husband and sons only want black lab males....(might change that one day! -but I do love them!)

I've done design and illustration for the these industries: Wallpaper, Children's Books, Greeting Cards, Calligraphy studio, and now the Wedding Industry. I'd be so happy to serve you!  

Cell: 978.533.9039

Email: vrenright@gmail.com