Vicky has worked as a wallpaper designer, a children's book illustrator, a greeting card artist, and a calligrapher,  ...all of which gives her the ability to create imagery and design that is 100% unique, for you! 

I can create designs that range from formal to whimsical, and take care of everything from a Save the Date card, to signs and place cards at the wedding. Prices are coming, in a general form. Please call or email for specific pricing. I LOVE designing logos and monograms, for business or personal work!

On a personal side, Vicky has been married to Tim, who she met at a summer camp when she was 14. With a love of our two boys and dogs, we just keep chugging. 

To see other work, please visit www.vickyenright.com

Email: vrenright@gmail.com        Cell: 978-533-9039